The Wild Flower Society offers a range of grants to support botanical training and plant conservation.

1 Grants to Wildlife Trusts and similar organisations for running botanical training courses for their volunteers and for running botanical activities for children.

Trusts receive an invitation from the Wildlife Trust’s Development Officer each January to apply for a grant or may contact Wild Flower Society’s General Secretary directly.

2 Grants to support the publication costs of botanical books, for example, county floras.

Please contact Wild Flower Society’s General Secretary

3 Grants for students on Field Studies Council courses

The Wild Flower society funds grants towards the cost of botanical identification training courses offered by the Field Studies Council. For information see: Field Studies Council

4 Grants for Research Projects

The Wild Flower Society gives small grants, typically up to £250, towards botanical research projects based on the flora of the British Isles. We support projects that contribute to plant conservation, or that further botanical education or the promotion of field botany.

Please complete the application form and send it to the Wild Flower Society’s General Secretary for consideration by the Executive Committee which meets in early March and November each year.

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