One Kilometre Square (Monad) Survey

The 1 km square is an ideal way to survey a local area or interesting site. It’s an ideal way to enjoy recording regularly somewhere you know well, perhaps somewhere you walk regularly or like to visit. It started in 2019 and is becoming increasingly popular.

Choose a 1km square on the Ordnance survey grid and record as many flowering plants and ferns, growing wild and unplanted, over a calendar year, whether in flower or not.

All wild plants may be recorded, irrespective of whether or not they appear in Stace’s New Flora or Kent’s List but, as in Parnassus recording, confirmation of identification should be provided for difficult to identify plants, and a literature reference given for plants not in Stace or Kent.

Please include the date that each plant was recorded and some details of the habitats in your 1km square.

Submit your full list in the first year, then just send details of additional plant finds in second and subsequent years.

Send your list to your geographical Branch Secretary by 31st January. However if you record in a monad outside the region covered by your branch, please send your records to the secretary of the appropriate branch. See Local Branches for contact details.

Participants who enjoy this challenge may survey and submit additional squares.

Ten Kilometre Square Survey

The 10 km Square Study runs throughout the year and is for recording all plants found growing wild in a 10km square of the Ordnance Survey grid. A 10 km x 10 km square area (which is also known as a hectad) will contain a variety of different habitats and gives the opportunity to build up an extensive cumulative list. A 10km square might seem a large area to cover but it can be approached in stages and anyone who has already recorded in a 1km square within the chosen hectad will be off to a flying start as their 1km square list can be included.

Members may record on their own in the square or team up with botanical friends. After the first year it is only necessary to send records of new plants found. The 10km Square Study Secretaries (North and South) need to receive lists by 15th January; their contact details can be found in the current WFS Year Book in the Branch and Competition Secretaries section in the Members’ Area.

New participants will be welcomed.

All wild plants may be recorded; but confirmation of identification should be provided for any difficult to identify plants. Also any plants which don’t appear in Stace’s New Flora or Kent’s List need to be supported by a literature reference.

10 km Square NorthMr B. A. (Jesse) Tregale
10 km Square SouthMrs Jill Oakley
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