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  PresenterTitle of MeetingDay of the weekMonthDate
Dr Brenda HaroldFlowers of the ChilternsWedJan24
Alan SchofieldAlpine and Arctic FloraWedFeb21
Lizzie MaddisonFlower StructureWedMarch13
Sir Ghillean PranceUK Temperate Rain ForestsWedApril17
Dominic PriceSpecies Recovery TrustWedOct9
John O’ReillyThe Teesdale ProjectWedNov13
Janet JohnField Meetings of 2024WedDec4

Flowers of the Chilterns                                            with Brenda Harold

Wednesday January 24th                                              19:00-20:00

The Chilterns are famous for chalk grassland but there are also beautiful beechwoods, and the hills are capped with acidic clay with flints, a completely different soil type to the chalk, with its own flora. This gives the Chiltern Hills a very rich diversity of wild flowers, including many orchids. We will look at a good selection of them and discover how to tell the soil type without digging a hole.

Dr Brenda Harold was a University lecturer and founder of the Identiplant online course.

Alpine and Arctic Flora                                              with Alan Schofield

Wednesday February 21st                                            19:00-20:00

‘The arctic-alpine plants of southern central Norway’. “I have been interested and studying arctic-alpine plants for over 40 years in a casual capacity. Seeing these interesting plants in their mountain environments has been a great pleasure. I have visited Norway 4 times in the last 40 years. The areas covered by this slide show are Dovrefjell, Jotunheimen, and Trollheimen. This will include the wonderful scenery and habitats.” AlanSchofield.

Alan is a member of Bradford Botany Group

Flower Structure                                             with Lizzie Maddison

Wednesday March 13th                                                19:00-20:00

Flowers, variations on a theme. We will have a look at the huge diversity in the flowers which grow around us, in our hedgerows, meadows and gardens. Suitable for botanical beginners but hopefully all will find something to be amazed at.

Lizzie is an online tutor for the Identiplant course and a member of the Upper Teesdale Botany Group

Temperate Rainforests of the UK                   with Sir Ghillean Prance

Wednesday April 17th                                                   19:00-20:00

We associate rainforest with the tropics, but the temperate region rainforests are also important. They occur in areas of high rainfall, without a long dry season, such as the Atlantic coast of the UK. One such temperate rainforest in Devon is a dense oak wood with a mass of twisted, shrunken and bending trees with their branches covered mosses and lichens.

Sir Ghillean is President of the Wild Flower Society

The Species Recovery Trust                                       with Dominic Price

Wednesday October 9th                                                19:00-20:00

A talk from the director of this charity. He will give a brief introduction to the work of the SRT in saving some of the UK’s rarest species.

There are over nine hundred native species of flora and fauna in the UK which are currently classed as under threat, with several hundreds more known to be in significant decline. The countryside is now bereft of many species which were a familiar sight a mere generation ago.

Dominic is founder of The Species Recovery Trust

The Teesdale Project  with Dr. Margaret Bradshaw and John O’Reilly

Wednesday November 13th                                                      19:00-20:00

Margaret Bradshaw MBE has spent a lifetime fighting for Teesdale’s special flora. This includes the Teesdale Assemblage, a unique community of 20 rare and endangered arctic-alpine plants, which are included in the total of 100 rare and threatened plant species of conservation interest. Some of these plants are at the northern edge of their range, some at their southernmost. Margaret will describe the work of the TSFRC Trust, which she established in 2017, and its key objectives.

One of the main aims of the project is to safeguard populations of the special plants which are threatened. As part of the Teesdale Special Flora Project John O’Reilly has been surveying large parts of Upper Teesdale to identify

areas where conservation action is needed. John will explain the data he has obtained and discuss his findings so far.

Dr. Margaret Bradshaw MBE is a founder member of the Teesdale Project, John is a professional botanist working on the Teesdale Project

Highlights of 2024 – flowers of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland                                                                              with Janet John

Wednesday December 4th                                            19:00-20:00

Whether you attended all, some, or no Field Meetings during the year, this will give you an opportunity to enjoy the flowers seen on Field Meetings throughout the length and breadth of the British Isles in 2024. Together we will enjoy the anecdotes, reminiscences and just sheer joy of discovery and achievement that are part of these meetings. Sit back, relax and wonder at the wealth and range of flora on our doorstep.

Janet is the Meetings Secretary of the Wild Flower Society

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