Following on from our very successful, and much appreciated, on-line meetings for last year, we have planned a further programme for 2022. This year there is a balance between escapism and gentle education. Chris will start the year for us with an insight into the Latin names of plants- and why they change. This should give our year of botanising a good start by appreciating what we can learn from the names. Sir Ghillean is taking us to some of the exotic places he has enjoyed on his botanical forays, Jill is giving us a gentle stroll around a lovely Hampshire wood and Peter is taking us to some of the places that not all of us can reach – but would like to.

Later in the year, Martin, Stephen and Steve are going to introduce us to plants in rather different and unusual ways. Mosses and liverworts are plants we see – and perhaps pass by; the hover flies we wonder at and notice but many of us know little about; plant galls we photograph and wish we understood more. Now we have the opportunity for informed introduction into these worlds.

Put the dates in your diary and drop an email to to say you would like to attend. Details of how to attend will be sent to you.

Meetings will run from 7:00 until 8:00pm except those on Jan 24,26 which will be from 7:00 until 7:35pm.

If you miss the meeting, catch up later. Online meetings are uploaded to our youtube channel, unless prevented by copyright images.

Presenter/LeaderTitle of MeetingDay of the weekMonthDate
Chris MetherellWhy do the Latin names of plants change? (short series of 2 talks)Mon WedJan24,26
Sir Ghillean PranceSome of the most interesting plants I have encountered in my work in the tropicsWedFeb9
Jill OakleySpring in a Hampshire WoodWedMarch16
Peter LlewellynAlpines of Britain and EuropeWedApril27
Martin GodfreyIntroduction to Mosses and LiverwortsWedOct12
Stephen PlummerFlower Flies and FlowersWedNov9
Steve CrossAn Introduction to Plant GallsWedDec7
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