The Wild Flower Society publishes a magazine four times a year. Articles include reports of our field meetings, summaries of the various wild flower hunts that people participate in, information on specific species, sites of botanical interest and feed-back on some of the grants we have awarded. As education about plants is one of our primary aims we also try and include hints and tips to aid identification including keys to specific groups of plants.

The magazine is sent to all our members. To give you a taste, a selection of articles from previous magazines is available below. If you like what you see, then why not join the society, participate in the activities and receive your copy of the magazine each quarter?

2023 Issue 523 Spring


Findhorn Field Meeting

Grant Awards

Every year the Society awards grants to a range of different organisations and individuals to help them pursue their botanical goals. Many of these grants are to Wildlife Trusts so they can carry out training programmes or to people wishing to attend botanical courses. Some of these grants are to individuals so they can undertake an area of botanical research. One stipulation for the award of a grant is that the individual or organisation provide a brief report on the use to which the money was put. Here are two reports from recipients of grants awarded in 2022.

2023 Issue 522 Winter

Montgomery Canal Field Meeting

Growing Ferns from Spores

2022 Issue 521 Autumn

Farthing Downs Field Meeting – June 2022

Chalk Fragrant-orchid

2022 Issue 521 Autumn

What’s in a Name?


2022 Issue 520 Summer

Branch Report for Severn Valley, Mid and South Wales

2022 Issue 519 Spring


2022 Issue 519 Spring

Morston Quay Field Meeting – September 2021

2022 Issue 518 Winter

Stanner Rocks Field Meeting – June 2021

2022 Issue 518 Winter

AGM Field Meetings – September 2021

Llanrhidian Marsh
Nash Point
Nash Point
Nash Point

2021 Issue 517 Autumn

Field Meeting – Weeting Heath, Norfolk 17th May

Fingered Speedwell

2021 Issue 517 Autumn

Field Meeting – Cock Marsh, Cookham 5th May

2021 Issue 517 Autumn

Field Meeting – Exmoor 5th – 6th June 2020

2021 Issue 516 Summer

1KM Square Study 2020

2021 Issue 515 Spring

In the Footsteps of the Ghost Hunter

2021 Issue 515 Spring

Lindisfarne Meeting – 28th January 2021

Marsh Helleborine

2021 Issue 514 Winter

The Hogweed Confusion

Hybrid Hogweeds

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