Wild Flower Society Membership

Membership of the Wild Flower Society is open to all who support our aims. By its very nature, the society attracts people who are keen on meeting like-minded individuals by visiting sites of botanical interest. The Field Botanist’s Record Book or Diary is a useful adjunct to this. In order to receive the four times-yearly magazine and join in the activities listed on this site, please join our Society.

Cost of annual membership for 2022

Adult member with magazine£10
Adult member sharing magazine
Junior member with magazine£3
Junior member sharing magazine£1.50
Family group with magazine£15
Overseas member with magazine£15
Field Botanist’s Record Book (Diary)£9
Downloadable Diary on SpreadsheetFree
Beginner’s Diary (first one free with Membership Pack)£1
Car Sticker£1.50

If you join after October 1st your membership covers the following calendar year. All new members are welcome. If you would like to become a member, complete the application form below.

Alternatively you can complete and email the downloadable form.

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