Askham Bog Field Meeting 21st May

| Janet John

Information about the change of location for the meeting on Saturday 21st May, previously at Askham Bog, York. This is due to the travel problems likely to be encountered as a result of the York Spring Race Meeting, which is taking place over the 21st and 22nd May.

The Saturday 21st May Meeting will now take place at Ashberry Pasture, Helmsley, which is about 25 miles north of York.

There is very limited parking at this site, so depending on the direction from which you intend to arrive, we will arrange to meet and car share, probably either in Helmsley or on the B1257 north of Rievaulx.

We will be in touch again to sort out the details of where to meet.

 Ashberry Pasture is a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust reserve and SSSI in Upper Ryedale, situated half a mile from Rievaulx and 3 miles north-west of Helmsley. It has a range of habitats including ancient woodland, limestone grassland and calcareous fen. Its rich flora includes Bird’s-eye Primrose  Primula farinosa, Globeflower Trollius europaeus, Black Bog-rush  Schoenus nigricans, Baneberry  Actaea spicata, Lily-of-the-valley Convallaria majalis, as well as a variety of sedges Carex spp.

We apologise for not finding out about this earlier and hope that the change of location doesn’t spoil your plans for the weekend.

If the new arrangement doesn’t suit you and you would like to cancel your booking, please contact Sheila Wynn,  as soon as possible, as there is a reserve list for the meeting.


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