2022 Field Meetings

| Helen Dignum

A message from the Meetings Secretary, Janet John:-

We have put together a splendid programme of Field Meetings for you again this year. Forty six days of meetings from the South of England, via Mid Wales to the East Coast of Scotland with a whole selection of locations in between. Hopefully you are tempted to attend at least one and possibly more. All levels of botanist are welcome to all meetings, from beginner to expert. All will enjoy. Many of the leaders will be familiar to you as names you have seen in the magazine or from meetings you have previously enjoyed. Quite a number of the leaders are themselves members of the Wild Flower Society happy to share their knowledge and enthusiasm of their local and not so local places. Others are experts with knowledge of a particular location who when approached were generously prepared to lead a WFS meeting and share their expertise. People such as Dr Kevin Walker who is leading in the Harrogate area is the BSBI Head of Science and former VC65 recorder, Ray Woods who is a well known botanist in Wales who has featured many times on radio and television. Kevin Peberdy, the Chief Operating Officer for the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust and also a botanist- so who better to introduce us to the strategies of managing both flora and fowl for the WWT!………I could go on. You will be in good hands.

No doubt you have now been tempted to read the schedule for meetings, to plan and book! Excellent.

This year I have included a summary of the dates and meetings so that you can see at a glance all that is being offered.

Some of the meetings have been planned to be in the same general locality so that you can make a short break for the meeting. These have been put under the heading “Two, three and four day meetings”. Most of them can be booked as individual days if that suits you better. However for the four day Morayshire meeting, priority will be given to members wishing to attend all four days.


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