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Devil’s Ditch and Newmarket Heath, Suffolk

Wed 20 July 2022
Devil’s Ditch
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Leader Alan Leslie

Meet at 10:00. We need to park on the small stretch of road running parallel to the north side of the A1304 which is accessed from the roundabout south-west of Newmarket where the A1304 and A1303 meet at TL617.612. There is a bus stop on the A1304 right by the meeting point, serviced (once an hour) by the Stagecoach 12 bus from Cambridge to Ely. There are trains to Newmarket but the station is a good 30/40 minutes walk away.

In the morning we will walk along the Ditch to the SE and then along to the NW (and over the Heath) in the afternoon – access to the Heath is not possible until after 1.00pm to allow for the exercise of the horses!. We might consider a late transfer to the station area to see Pink Cotoneaster Cotoneaster roseus and Scorpion Senna Hippocrepis emerus.

There is a chance some Lizard Orchids Himantoglossum hircinum would still be out even if Pasque- flower Pulsatilla vulgaris would be in fruit and Spiked Speedwell Veronica spicata only in bud. Other attractions might be Spring Cinquefoil Potentilla verna, Lesser Meadow-rue Thalictrum minus, Field Fleawort Tephroseris integrifolia, Bloody Cranesbill Geranium sanguineum, Bastard-toadflax Thesium humifusum, Crown Vetch Securigera varia and Bulbous Meadow-grass Poa bulbosa, which will be in varying stages of development.

Since we will be walking along the Ditch be aware that the going can be steep at times and if wet can be slippery. This could be a long day so bring plenty of provisions!

To book, contact Janet John wfs.meetings@gmail.com or phone 01753 884490

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